Covid-19 Update

Dear Clients,

With more and more people receiving the Covid vaccination we are seeing an upswing in calls for massage service.  We are Not totally in the clear with the variants that have been floating around so we remain committed to keeping our clients safe.

As a massage establishment, we continue to  adhere to sanitary and disinfecting procedures set down by our state health department for our profession.

These are the procedures we will continue to adhere to:

  1. We ask that you stay at home, for now, if you have been exposed to anyone else or if you yourself have been experiencing any signs of Covid -19 such as fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  2. We will still be screening  new clients and when you arrive for your appointment we ask that you wait out in your car.
  3. Please text the staff member you are here to see when you arrive and they will text you or come out to get you when they are ready to receive you.
  4. We will be taking a temperature checks of New Clients with a No-Touch thermometer when you come in.
  5. We can wear masks during your treatment and will ask you to do the same unless you are face down on the table or have been vaccinated – then you can take the mask off.
  6. We have always diffused essential oils in our center and we will continue to do so concentrating on anti-microbial oils that have a pleasant smell.
  7. We will be concentrating on disinfecting all surface/ touch points after every treatment and when clients are coming and going as an added precaution.

We thank you for your cooperation during these times and we look forward to seeing you.

Zen Soma Massage in Jacksonville Florida

We are a small group of independent contractors renting space at Zen Soma Massage.  Each of us offers various massage modalities and techniques such as Myofascial Trigger Point therapy, Thai Massage Therapy,  Swedish massage, Lymphatic drainage, Deep Tissue and some Spa services.

 We hope to be  –  the soothe your stiff muscles, relieve your back pain, help you de-stress and relax people.

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For instance, a trigger point in the gluteus muscles can cause hip pain and trigger points in the arms can cause shoulder pain.

Likewise, a trigger point in the back may  refer pain to the neck. The neck, now

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