Massage Therapy and Thai Massage in Jacksonville, FL

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is the application of suction or vacuum to the skin for therapeutic effect.

Cupping is one of the few, if not the only manual therapy treatment that lifts, separate, mobilizes while decompressing the tissue rather then compressing it.

History of Cupping

Traditional cupping has been around for over 3000 years.  The earliest written record of its use can be linked as far back as 1500  BC by the Egyptians and is widely used in China and all over the world.

Types of cups we use

We use the newer style of cups that are plastic poly carbonate with a pump attachment to create suction. 

We also use hand held rubber silicone cups that can be squeezed to create a gentle suction for the back and face.

Benefits and what to expect

When the tissue is raised, several different things are occurring.  The tissue under the skin begins separating so that energy blockages,  or what we call in the west knots or trigger points, can be released.  Re-hydration occurs to the tissue allowing the muscles to return to its healthy state by bringing oxygen and blood flow to the area and relieving pain.

With cupping all the old debris that has been trapped in the tissue is released and dumped into your lymphatic system and filtered out by your liver and kidneys.

The application of cups does not hurt but feels like a gentle pulling.

If you have seen other people like Mark Spitz , the Olympic swimmer, and other celebrities you may have noticed some circular skin discoloration that some people incorrectly refer to as bruising but it is NOT a bruise.

Individuals that have received cupping will tell you that even though the marks look like bruises, they do not feel like bruises and  unlike bruises are not tender to the touch.