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Thai Massage Therapy is an ancient form of body work that focuses on gentle stretching and lengthening of the muscles and on balancing the whole body through it’s own energy  lines.

Client is clothed in comfortable stretchable clothing and lies on a floor mat.

See – What to expect in About Thai Massage drop down menu above.

**Service includes foot massage with hot towels and aromatherapy.

75 minute for $85.00

90 minutes for $ 105.00


Thai Massage

Thai Massage


Therapeutic Swedish Relaxation Massage

is a relaxation massage that uses broad, light to medium strokes to improve muscle tone, increase circulation  and calm the nervous system.

One hour: $60.00

90 minutes:  $90.00

Prenatal Massage 

A Swedish relaxation massage for our expectant moms done side-line and on your back with all the pillows, bolsters and support you need.

60 minutes for $ 60.00


Lymphatic Drainage

( Vodder Method )

Full body     $ 90.00

Head/ neck $ 50.00

 Combination Deep tissue / Swedish Massage

is a Swedish massage with light to medium pressure and deeper pressure on 2 or 3 areas the client feels needs extra attention.

One hour $80.00

 Myofascial/ Trigger Point Therapy

and Deep Tissue Intensive 

Entails medium pressure Deep pressure and concentration on 2 or 3 areas the client feels needs extra attention.  May also include some stretching and use of hot stones and/or heating pad and liniments to relieve stiffness and pain.

       One Hour $100.00

Yoga as Therapy Sessions

Yoga as therapy is the adaptation of yoga practices for all people weather you have health challenges or you just want to learn how to improve your over all well-being.

Initial 60 minute consult  $60.00

30 minute follow-up session  $30.00


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