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At Zen Soma Massage and Wellness Center we are all independent contractors with our own specialties in which we are able to pay attention to your personal needs.

Since we are all independent contractors renting space at Zen Soma massage, we ask that you direct any questions or concerns specifically to the therapist you wish to work with or have been seeing. Please see contact information below or in the margin to the right of each page.

Massage Therapists

Kasey Halpin  LMT, RYT, MA 92811



Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, Cupping, Reiki, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy And Yoga Instructor

Contact Kasey directly at (908) 256-9261 or click ” BOOK NOW” button below


I believe that my strength as a massage therapist is to be able to provide deep pressure with a gentle touch.

I have come to believe that relaxation is the best medicine for healing the mind and the body. It is when the body is in a state of relaxation a balance is created enabling a positive change to take place.

My job is to find the target areas that need attention and apply the best pressure and techniques to obtain an ideal state of healing.

With a background in mental health counseling, I feel that communication between the client and therapist is one of the most important aspects of the massage process.

While I am the professional who has the education and experience in providing a service, you are the expert of you – what makes you comfortable, what works for your body, and how any aspect of the service can be altered to make your experience more enjoyable. In light of this, all of my massages are customized to your specific needs and feedback is always welcome. I understand that massage can be a vulnerable experience, and I look forward to earning your trust and helping you to feel better. Thank you!




Holly Sterner. LMT MA85319


Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Table Thai, Sports , Kenisio Taping, Hot Stone and Sinus relief and Reflexology

Meet Holly! A Florida transplant from Louisville Kentucky. She began her career in massage therapy after seeking out alternative therapy for herself. She has a passion for the healing power of massage. Having worked with the University of Louisville’s sports complex, she is well versed in deep tissue and sports massage.

Contact Holly directly at (904) 228-3741 or click the “BOOK NOW” button below





Courtland Smith LMT, MA 98358

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Clinical Massage, Neuromuscular,  Structural bodywork, Reiki, Touch for Health, 

Courtland is a second-generation bodyworker from Canada, Graduating from Florida School of Advanced Bodywork. His passion is a holistic whole-body approach, body, mind, and spirit. Utilizing Structural bodywork, neuromuscular massage, myofascial release & other techniques to correct postural distortions, managing and resolving significant chronic pain, posture and dysfunction issues. Treating issues such as, frozen shoulder, poor posture, disc-related issues, carpal tunnel, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, sport-related injuries, etc.

Courtland incorporates the mind-body connection using Touch for Health which is a concise, hands-on health maintenance system utilizing the postural and energetic balancing techniques of applied kinesiology in a holistic, non-diagnostic model of wellness that balances posture, attitude/perspectives, and life energy. 

Contact Courtland directly at (904) 382-2828 or click the “BOOK NOW” button below


Massage Therapist / Retired Navy Coreman

Deep tissue, Swedish, Sports and Lymphatic massage

Contact Sally directly at (904) 759-6347 or (904) 759-6359

Sally's preferred picSally Burton,LMT


Sally Burton comes to us with an extensive medical background from her 20 years of service as Navy Hospital Corpsman, specializing in Aviation medicine.

She has been a practicing Massage therapist since 1987 and is trained in Holistic Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (Vodder method ), Swedish, deep tissue and Sports massage.

Sally has also furthered her knowledge and skills in pain management using Micro Point Stimulation technique and is a licensed esthetitian.