Massage Therapy and Thai Massage in Jacksonville, FL

Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Roger is an electrical tech whose job requires a lot of crouching and bending in small spaces.As a result, Roger suffered from a back injury and a lot of neck and shoulder pain that kept him from doing one of his most favorite things on his days off – long distance motorcycle touring.Then one day, Roger came into Soma.  I worked with Roger to loosen up some of those tight muscles and shared with him some of the techniques I learned as a therapist and as a yoga student that he could use at home and work.  Because of our work together Roger was able to incorporate postural changes and stretching routines that gave him the self-reliance he was looking for.  Roger was able to incorporate some other techniques he learned that have made him successful in moving through his work day with reduced risk of injury. Ever since Roger and I met, I have been impressed by his motivation to actively seek and share all the new ways he has learned to care for his body. And every day since that day Roger has been able to enjoy the freedom to do the touring on his motorcycle that he so much looks forward to after a hard week of work.