Massage Therapy and Thai Massage in Jacksonville, FL

Experience Thai Yoga massage in Jacksonville, Florida

What is Thai Yoga Massage Therapy?

The healing techniques of Thai Yoga Therapy combines acupressure, energy work, stretching, joint mobilization and a series of assisted yoga postures to unblock the major energy channels in the body which we in the West have come to know as tension and knotted muscles and is referred to in India as “sen” lines. Thai Yoga Therapy releases tensions and relaxes sore muscles, increases muscle flexibility, joint mobility

What you can Expect.

In this unique healing system of Thai Yoga Massage the client lies passively on a mat on the floor in comfortable clothing (usually yoga pants or gym pants and a t-shirt) and the practitioner moves the client’s body through a series of yoga postures.

Benefits to You.,

The result is a comprehensive full body treatment that releases tension, relaxes sore muscles, improves circulation, increases joint mobility and muscle flexibility, boosts the immune system while balances the body energetically and like many styles of body work is therapeutic for a number of physical and emotional conditions.

Imagine a blissfully integrated experience that is revitalizing, yet deeply relaxing.